Is there anything you consider more important than finding love?

Start the morning dressed and ready for a day in which you could meet someone special.

Have you ever been in the position of thinking “I like this person so now how do I move it along?”. Or “how am I ever going to really meet anyone interesting or attractive?”.

Love is such an essential part of your well being that it’s only natural you should seek help to find it.   Our service is focused absolutely on helping you achieve your goal.   It begins with our one to one consultancy to establish what you are looking for and to align that with who you are.  Once we have agreed this, we work toward creating and accessing the right opportunities for you to meet your ideal partner.  We will ensure you are fully prepared for all your curated events with bespoke coaching on how to max out opportunities – how to recognise, engage with and nurture potential relationships. At each event you attend you can be accompanied and supported by one of our expert Dateist team – The Wingmen.