The Dateist helping you find love

The Dateist was founded by me, Delissa – a Tv producer and broadcaster.   My numerous production credits include shows that have given a unique insight into gender behaviour, dating  and  human relationships.   I’ve fortunately worked with top dating experts in shows like Channel 4’s Getting Over Your Ex, ITV’s Love Call, Discovery’s Celebrity Dating and in relationship based chat shows like ITV’s The Time and The Place.

Valuable knowledge has come from creating and producing fascinating television like Men Talk and Women Talk for the Living Channel and What Women Want for C5.  I’ve filmed gender based experiments, gathered statistics, spoken to experts and consequently created a pool of invaluable knowledge about relationships and how people meet and fall in love.

As an Agony Aunt on Essex Radio I’ve answered questions on dating and helped countless number of singles to meet someone new.  I was also Editor of a new style women’s magazine.

My professional background and experience has given me insight into the human psyche and the dating game, but more importantly it has enabled me to build up a significant social and professional network. These are the dating experts and contacts who help me support and guide you.

Delissa, The Dateist